Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th, 2009

The Sessions

Silicon Valley Code Camp is the perfect place to watch engaging and entertaining talks given by industry experts and luminaries, and meet with developers for engaging and motivating conversations around specific topics.

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"Best Practice" in iPhone SDK App Design
speaker:   Bess Ho
Room: 8338 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
"Hello, World" in Verilog
speaker:   Bob Smith
Room: 3106 Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
(CANCELLED) Dynamic Languages & Web Frameworks in GlassFish
speaker:   Arun Gupta
Room: 4204 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
(Kevin Nilson Pinch Hitting) Google Data APIs
speaker:   Zach Maier
Room: 8338 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
0 to 60 with Regular Expressions in 75 minutes
speaker:   Nima Dilmaghani
Room: 8338 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
a briefing on itemscript: a system for building loosely-coupled declarative applications using JSON
speaker:   bill braasch
Room: 4301 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
A First Look at Scala on Google App Engine
speaker:   Eishay Smith
Room: 3525 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
A Hands-On Overview of the Semantic Web
speaker:   Shamod Lacoul
Room: 4201 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Absorbing Scala into Java Ecosystem
speaker:   Eishay Smith
Room: 1401 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Active Directory Programming for Developers
speaker:   Steve Evans
Room: 1401 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Agile 101
speaker:   Chris Sims
Room: 3525 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Agile: Inspect and Adapt
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Ajax Enabled JSF - Oracle ADF Faces Primer
speaker:   shay shmeltzer
Room: 4220 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
All about the Current and Future Trends in Comet
speaker:   Kevin Nilson
Room: 5501 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
App Engine 101
speaker:   Jason Cooper
Room: 8338 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Appcelerator Titanium - Mobile for the Rest of Us
speaker:   Nolan Wright
Room: 4218 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Application Architectures for Adobe Flex Framework
speaker:   Keith Sutton
Room: 3106 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Asynchronous Web Services
speaker:   Manoj Kumar
Room: 3106 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Avoiding the Knowledge Transfer Bottleneck
speaker:   Steve Bockman
Room: 4218 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Befriending Lambda Expressions
speaker:   Stephen Dempsey
Room: 4201 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Beginning iPhone Development
speaker:   Bala Paranj
Room: 8338 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Beginning Scala
speaker:   David Pollak
Room: 4301 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Best and worst practice for actionscript/flash(flex) development, 3D, asset/socket servers/crossdomain.
speaker:   Vic Cekvenich
Room: 4220 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Beyond the Relay – Routers and Queues in the .NET Service Bus
speaker:   Juval Lowy
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
BOO and Powershell for Testers
speaker:   Paul Cassidy
Room: 1401 Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Broadcast Badges made Really, Really Simple
speaker:   Kent Brewster
Room: 5502 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Build Bindingly-Fast Web Apps with HTML5 and SproutCore
speaker:   Charles Jolley
Room: 3525 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Building Better Tests
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
ClickOnce Deployment : How to Abuse it
speaker:   Robin Shahan
Room: 4204 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
CloudCamp Begins: Lightning Talks, then Propose Sessions
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: Cafe Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
CloudCamp Sessions: Round 2 (Topics TBD)
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: TBA1 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
CloudCamp Sessions: Round 3 (Topics TBD)
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: TBA1 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
CloudCamp Wrap-up
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: Cafe Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
CloudCamp: Round 1 (3 Topics TBD)
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: TBA1 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
CloudCamp: Round 1 (Intro to Cloud Computing)
speaker:   Dave Nielsen
Room: Cafe Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Code Excellence for the Average Programmer - Part 1
speaker:   Woody Zuill
Room: 4218 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Code Excellence for the Average Programmer - Part 2
speaker:   Llewellyn Falco
Room: 3106 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
speaker:   Abdelmonaim Remani
Room: 5503 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Creating Java Applications with Google App Engine
speaker:   Van Riper
Room: 4201 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Deep Diagnostics of Production JVMs using Oracle AD4J
speaker:   Shiraz Kanga
Room: 5502 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Deep Dumpster Diving
speaker:   Ronn Black
Room: 4218 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Dependency Properties in WPF & Silverlight
speaker:   Lino Tadros
Room: 8338 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Developing a Google Wave Extension
speaker:   Brian Kennish
Room: 4201 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Developing for Webkit
speaker:   Robert Biggs
Room: 4301 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Developing Java EE Applications with Eclipse and WTP: Looking ahead to Helios
speaker:   Greg Stachnick
Room: 4220 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Developing Revolutionary Web Applications using Comet and Ajax Push
speaker:   Doris Chen
Room: 5501 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Enterprise AOP with Spring and AspectJ
speaker:   Ramnivas Laddad
Room: 3106 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Enterprise Application Development with Spring
speaker:   Ramnivas Laddad
Room: 5501 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Exploring Agility
speaker:   Chris Sims
Room: 4201 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Expression Blend Tips & Tricks
speaker:   Robert Biggs
Room: 3525 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Extending CruiseControl.NET
speaker:   Steve Trefethen
Room: 4220 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
FastCGI for high performance desktop applications
speaker:   Mike Coast Development
Room: 4220 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
From Code to Complete Product to Brand
speaker:   Athol Foden
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic and C#
speaker:   Beth Massi
Room: 3106 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Game and Story Programming Class for Kids
speaker:   Dave Briccetti
Room: 4301 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Get Higher with ScalaTest
speaker:   Bill Venners
Room: 4221 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Getting Started with JavaFX and WidgetFX
speaker:   Stephen Chin
Room: 4218 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Getting started with OSGi
speaker:   Rahul Agarwal
Room: 4218 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Getting Started with SQL Server Compact Edition (CE) 3.51
speaker:   Don Robins
Room: 4301 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Getting the Most from Lambda Expressions in VB and C#
speaker:   Deborah Kurata
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) - Productivity for you, Performance for your users
speaker:   Fred Sauer
Room: 4201 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Griffon: Swing just got fun again
speaker:   James Williams
Room: 4218 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
How to Develop with Oracle Fusion Middleware on Amazon EC2
speaker:   Pieter Humphrey
Room: 4218 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
iBeans = Dead-simple” integration for web app development
speaker:   Ken Yagen
Room: 3525 Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
IE8 for Developers
speaker:   Bruno Terkaly
Room: 1401 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Integrating iPhone apps with Drupal
speaker:   Eneko Alonso
Room: 4301 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Interactive Prototyping with DHTML
speaker:   Bill Scott
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Intro to Test Driven Development for C# developers
speaker:   Mathias Brandewinder
Room: Not Assigned Time: Agenda Not Set Yet 
Introducing the .NET Service Bus
speaker:   Juval Lowy
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Introduction to Adobe Flex
speaker:   Keith Sutton
Room: 1401 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Introduction to Building Web Application with Spring MVC
speaker:   Abdelmonaim Remani
Room: 5501 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Introduction to Oracle ADF
speaker:   shay shmeltzer
Room: 4221 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Introduction to Windows Azure
speaker:   Rinat Shagisultanov
Room: 4201 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
IPhone Development in C# using MonoTouch
speaker:   Lino Tadros
Room: 3525 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
IT for Devs: What Developers Need to Know About IT
speaker:   Steve Evans
Room: 1401 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3: Paving the path for future
speaker:   Arun Gupta
Room: 5502 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
JavaScript Animation
speaker:   Robert Biggs
Room: 3525 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
JavaScript Town Meeting
speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Room: 5501 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
JavaScript: The Good Parts
speaker:   Douglas Crockford
Room: 5501 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Learning Python in Grade School
speaker:   Edward Cherlin
Room: 4220 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Make Assertions Fun with FEST
speaker:   Ted Young
Room: 4204 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Making Pair Programming and TDD Fun and Effective
speaker:   Steve Bockman
Room: 3106 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Membership with Profile and High Performance ExtJS JavaScript Interface
speaker:   Peter Kellner
Room: 4220 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Mobile Development 101: Developing Apps for the iPhone and the Android Platform
speaker:   Michael Galpin
Room: 8338 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Networking for Developers
speaker:   Steve Evans
Room: 8338 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Next generation business IT infrastructure - unfold your company potential from within
speaker:   Roman Zhovtulya
Room: 5502 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Optimize Performance of your Code
speaker:   Vlad Kuznetsov
Room: 8338 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Parallel Programming with .NET
speaker:   John Waters
Room: 5501 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Partially Connected Silverlight Applications
speaker:   John Waters
Room: 3525 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
PayPal Platform Preview
speaker:   Khurram Khan
Room: 4221 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Practical Internet Telephony with Asterisk: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
speaker:   Roman Zhovtulya
Room: 4221 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Presenting for Engineers
speaker:   Ryan Greenlee
Room: 4218 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Processing annotations with AOP
speaker:   Ramnivas Laddad
Room: 3106 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Programming Microsoft Office using Python
speaker:   Wesley Chun
Room: 5501 Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Python 3: The Next Generation
speaker:   Wesley Chun
Room: 3525 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
RIA Services: RAD for the Middle Tier
speaker:   Joe Mayo
Room: 4201 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
RIA With Flex & Java Using BlazeDS
speaker:   Hien Luu
Room: 4204 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Rich Internet Applications on Windows Azure
speaker:   Rinat Shagisultanov
Room: 4301 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Scala On Your Phone: Mobile Development with Less Suck
speaker:   Michael Galpin
Room: 4301 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Scaling Hibernate Apps with Terracotta
speaker:   Taylor Gautier
Room: 4204 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Security As A Service
speaker:   Marc Chanliau
Room: 4221 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Security with OAuth : Why, What and How
speaker:   Manish Pandit
Room: 3106 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Server-side OpenSocial Java programming
speaker:   Chris Schalk
Room: 4220 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
SharePoint - Web Parts 101
speaker:   Joseph Ackerman
Room: 4221 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
SharePoint - Working with List and Library Data
speaker:   Joseph Ackerman
Room: 4221 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Silverlight 3 ins & outs
speaker:   Lino Tadros
Room: 3525 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Silverlight Data Service Options for Business Apps
speaker:   Ward Bell
Room: 3106 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
speaker:   Nelz Carpentier
Room: 1401 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Slow Down to Speed Up
speaker:   Steve Bockman
Room: 4301 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Software Startup Maturity Checklist
speaker:   Sean Murphy
Room: 5501 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Taking Advantage of LINQ and XML in Office 2007
speaker:   Beth Massi
Room: 4221 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
TalkingPuffin: a Scala Twitter Client
speaker:   Dave Briccetti
Room: 4204 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Teaching Kids Programming with Scratch, Alice and Python
speaker:   Dave Briccetti
Room: 4204 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Team Estimation Game
speakers:  Steve Bockman, Peter Kellner, Brian Kennish, Sam Nasr
Room: 1401 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Test Driven Development: an intro for C# developers
speaker:   Mathias Brandewinder
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
The Great Agile Requirements Showdown
speaker:   Chris Sims
Room: 1401 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
The Perils and Pleasures of Testing with Selenium
speaker:   Mark Erdmann
Room: 1401 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Top 10 Productivity Tools for Java Developers on Oracle WebLogic Server 10gR3
speaker:   Pieter Humphrey
Room: 4221 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Tour of AutomatedQA's TestComplete 7
speaker:   Steve Trefethen
Room: 4218 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Unit Testing the Easy Way in C#
speaker:   Llewellyn Falco
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Using & Writing Behaviors in SIlverlight & WPF with Blend & Visual Studio
speaker:   Joe Gershgorin
Room: 1401 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Using Eclipse for Java EE 6 development for the GlassFish™ Application Server
speaker:   Arun Gupta
Room: 5503 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Using JSF with Ajax
speaker:   Jim Driscoll
Room: 4302 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Using memcached to Scale Out Your Website
speaker:   Matt Ingenthron
Room: 5501 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Web Analytics - Do I really need it?
speaker:   Massimo Paolini
Room: 8338 Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Web Services Interoperability Platform (Session Cancelled)
speaker:   Nilesh Junnarkar
Room: 4220 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
WF4: Workflow in .Net 4.0
speaker:   Jim Downey
Room: 5501 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
What is Gemini
speaker:   Lynn Langit
Room: 5502 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
What is Python?
speaker:   Wesley Chun
Room: 8338 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
When to Build and When to Buy
speaker:   Poornima Vijayashanker
Room: 4201 Time: 3:30 PM Sunday 
Which Web App Stack is Best?
speaker:   Clive Boulton
Room: 4201 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Windows 7 for Developers
speaker:   Bruno Terkaly
Room: 4221 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Windows Azure Storage: The REST of the Story
speaker:   Nik Kalyani
Room: 5502 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (1 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 9:45 AM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (10 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 2:15 PM Sunday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (2 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (3 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 1:15 PM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (4 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 2:30 PM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (5 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 3:45 PM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (6 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 5:15 PM Saturday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (7 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 9:15 AM Sunday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (8 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 10:30 AM Sunday 
Windows Mobile DevCamp (9 of 10)
speaker:   giovanni gallucci
Room: 4306 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Writing a jQuery Plugin
speaker:   Robert Biggs
Room: 4301 Time: 1:00 PM Sunday 
Writing Collaborative Apps in Google Wave
speaker:   Newton Chan
Room: 4201 Time: 11:00 AM Saturday 
“Embellish Your Pictures”- Build an Application for an Android Phone
speaker:   Jack Ha
Room: Hearthside Lounge Time: 5:15 PM Saturday