Vince Mansel

Vince works and plays at Syntellia, the creators of Fleksy for mobile devices. Fleksy is the revolutionary keyboard that makes it fun to type, and dramatically improves your texting and productivity. It is available on the AppStore!


Fleksy and the Fleksy SDK

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2:45 PM Sunday
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Fleksy is a revolutionary technology, which makes typing text on a touch-screen easy. Ever dream of an auto-correct system powerful enough to work even when you don’t look at the screen? Enter, Fleksy. Used today by thousands of blind and visually impaired users to type faster and easier than many sighted people, Fleksy revolutionizes the way people think about mobile devices and to challenge the traditional barriers in touch-screen typing for everyone. Featuring Syntellia’s patent pending technologies, Fleksy uses the familiar QWERTY layout, coupled with probably the most powerful text prediction engine out there. Tap typing, re-invented. We will discuss the tech behind Fleksy and how to integrate it into your projects. To participate in the hands-on part of the session, have Xcode installed and working on your Mac/OSX laptop. You can also download the Fleksy SDK at TBD. Fleksy is available on the AppStore for iOS devices and on Google Play for the Android platform.

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