Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 5th and 6th 2013


Silicon Valley Code Camp has chosen a few subject areas that have been organized into tracks. These tracks are designed and scheduled so that if you have a specific interest in the track theme you can attend all the sessions associated with that track in an order that makes sense with minimal overlap. Tracks are always of the highest quality content and are organized by a track lead, typically from one of our top sponsors. This does not mean that there are not other sessions in the same theme as the track, but those other sessions may overlap.

There will be some interesting sessions to learn from. Robin's session come straight from the trenches, saving her company over 90% on infrastructure bills using some of her novel approaches. Neil will address some of the amazing networking capabilities of Windows Azure, making it possible to set up virtual private networks hosted in the cloud with little effort, even leveraging your own DNS services. Cisco now sells virtual private network devices in the sub $300 range. Bruno will provide two talks. The first talk will be about using Hadoop and HDInsight in the cloud, both in terms how to set things up, and how to actually run jobs map reduce jobs. The second talk will spend both client and server, where he will demo the use of a Windows 8 client communicating with an MVC web application using the Web API as the back-end restful service. Finally, Alice Pang will show you how to easily and quickly put up a WordPress site using Web Matrix in the cloud.

    C++ and C++11
    Mobile and cloud technologies are re-energizing interest in the uncompromising performance that C++ delivers and the new ISO/ANSI standard (C++11) introduces features that allow programmers to achieve that performance with ever greater expressiveness.

    Join us with some award winning presenters as we discuss how to get the most out of Classic C++ and discover the new features of C++11 that are being delivered now by the latest compilers.

    We’ll explore how to get the most from our hardware with both distributed systems and GPGPUs. We’ll cover best practices in testing and in creating exception-safe code. We’ll talk about networking using the Boost and Poco libraries. We’ll study what can be done with and how best to use new C++11 smart pointer and tuple libraries.

      Google Developers

      At Google we recognize that you're not just building apps, you're building a business. This year’s Google track at CodeCamp will help you get started with the right tools and resources. Whether you’re a mobile, games, or web developer, we have everything you need to make great apps, and grow your business.

        HTML5, ARIA, Mobile Apps by Intuit Development teams
        Year-over-year, Intuit has been recognized as a best employer and is consistently ranked on Fortune's "100 Best Companies To Work For" and Fortune World's "Most Admired Software Companies" lists. Immerse yourself in our award winning culture while creating breakthrough solutions that simplify the lives of consumers and small businesses and their customers worldwide. Come see our diverse lineup of speakers talk to HTML5 to Splunk and our development in the building of mobile applications for Android just to name a few.



            Kids must be accompanied by a parent or an adult at all times.

            Send an email to to register kids.

            Many of you have taken your kids to work and that's quite a proud and joyful feeling. Now bring your kids to a conference! We have designed a new track dedicated towards engaging and coaching kids an an early age. Neil Brown is giving two workshops on how to build games using Greenfoot. Dave Briccetti will be covering Tynker, Kojo, and Python programming. Stephen Chin will be unraveling the mystery behind Raspberry Pi and build a simple game with the provided hardware.

            Shadaj Laddad will be sharing his experience of Scala programming and will build a game using HTML5 and Android. Learn about how to get kids started with Java programming at an early age and learn safety tips on social media properties by a teenager. There is even a Minecraft modding workshop by Arun Gupta & Aditya Gupta. So sign up your kids for these exciting workshops and learn from some of the finest educators in the San Francisco Bay Area.

            Make sure that the kids bring a laptop and know the administrator password for software installation. Please check session abstracts for any software installation instructions prior to attending the workshop. Kids must be accompanied by a parent or an adult at all times. Parents may participate if there is space available, otherwise they will be asked to observe from the back of the room. Most importantly, you and your kids should have fun!

              Microsoft Business Intelligence and Big Data By PASS

              We have been able to pull together nine great sessions featuring Microsoft's Business Intelligence and Big Data tools.  Our PASS BI track features eight outstanding speakers, including four SQL Server MVPs, and is chaired by Mark Ginnebaugh.  We'll have Mark Tabladillo on SQL Server Analysis Services, and also Enterprise Data Mining.  Author Stacia Misner will speak on report design, and Angel Abundez will cover Power BI.  Lynn Langit will talk about HDInsight (Hadoop on Azure), Rushabh Mehta on SSIS, and Patrick Mundy on implementing row-level security.

              This track is highly recommended for Northern California Microsoft Business Intelligence professionals, and is sponsored by PASS - an independent, community run organization supporting more than 100,000 data professionals worldwide who use Microsoft Data Platform technologies.

                Pivotal is building a new platform for a new era, setting the standard for Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Uniting selected technology, people and programs from EMC and VMware, the following products and services are now part of Pivotal: Greenplum®, Cloud Foundry, Spring, Cetas, Pivotal Labs®, GemFire® and other products from the VMware vFabricTM Suite.
                Over 3 Million developers use our technology daily. Pivotal engineers created and lead projects for Spring, Cloud Foundry, Redis, RabbitMQ, Groovy, Grails, Apache Tomcat, and Apache Hadoop.


                  Sencha provides frameworks and tools that help you design, develop, and deploy amazing applications for desktop and mobile devices. HTML5 and its associated technologies have transformed the browser into a first-class application platform. Local structured storage, rich media, and deep device access are just a few of the newly available capabilities offered by today’s browsers, and it’s enriching the capability of application delivered via the web. Since 2008, Sencha has provided the software, support, and services that empower businesses to build amazing, cross-platform web applications that execute with precision and performance on desktop and mobile devices. We’re a leader in HTML5, earning the “Visionary” placement by Gartner two years in a row. We are proud to be the company that worldwide enterprises rely on to help define their own multi-device application strategies.

                    SQL Server Developers and DBAs by PASS

                    You can’t afford to miss this rare opportunity - come join us for exciting sessions delivered by some of the world’s top speakers. We will cover cutting edge technologies such as AlwaysOn Availability Groups with Paul Bertucci. You will learn how to utilize the newest hardware from the SQL hardware guru, Joe Chang. .Net developers can’t afford to miss the double session on data modeling with Entity Framework with Mark Abramson. Database designers will also enjoy Ami Levin’s highly provoking session on the basics of database design and key selection. Hugo Kornelis in-depth T-SQL sessions are a MUST if you are struggling with database performance issues, and Ike Ellis will show you some exciting T-SQL tips and tricks and will shed some light on continuous integration and application lifecycle.

                    This track is highly recommended for Northern California SQL Server Developers and Database Administrators, and is sponsored by PASS - an independent, community run organization supporting more than 100,000 data professionals worldwide who use Microsoft Data Platform technologies.

                      Windows 8

                      Learn how to develop apps for fame and fortune on Windows 8. There are three ways for you to develop apps: JavaScript, .NET, and C++. There’s something for dynamic, managed, and native language fans. This year we have some especially strong talks for both beginning and advanced JavaScript developers. C# devs will also get an introduction to building apps with XAML. We also have a couple of gaming talks, and one on using Azure Mobile Services for your backend.

                        Windows Phone

                        Windows Phone is quickly growing, and a platform that developers can’t ignore. This year we’re happy to welcome speakers from Nokia, which has wholeheartedly embraced Windows Phone as their smartphone operating system. Nokia’s worldwide reach bodes well for the future of Windows Phone. Come learn how to get started as a new developer and then take things to the next level with an advanced talk. We also have a gaming talk and a talk on how to share code between Windows Phone and Windows 8 with Portable Class Libraries. Don’t miss the talk on writing apps for Nokia’s groundbreaking new 41 megapixel phone, the Lumia 1020.