9:15 AM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th 2015session

Managing Microsoft Azure with PowerShell

Microsoft Azure has become a leading cloud services provider. In this session we will learn the basics of using the Azure PowerShell CmdLets to get you off and running automating your management of your Azure resources.

About This Session

PowerShell is the premiere automation language for managing IT resources in the Cloud and Enterprise. In this session we will walk through the steps for installing the Azure CmdLets, Connecting to your Azure subscription, Provisioning resources, and creating automation scripts to maximize your investment in the Azure platform.

Time: 9:15 AM Sunday    Room: S-160 

The Speaker(s)

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Eric Courville

DevOps Engineer , Northern California PowerShell Users Group

Eric is the founder of the Northern California PowerShell User Group with locations in San Francisco and the Sacramento area.