Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th 2015


Silicon Valley Code Camp has chosen a few subject areas that have been organized into tracks. These tracks are designed and scheduled so that if you have a specific interest in the track theme you can attend all the sessions associated with that track in an order that makes sense with minimal overlap. Tracks are always of the highest quality content and are organized by a track lead, typically from one of our top sponsors. This does not mean that there are not other sessions in the same theme as the track, but those other sessions may overlap.
Build to Play: Gaming & Virtual Reality Track
Interested in learning how to build your own video games or virtual reality experiences? This track contains sessions that will help you get started with 2D and 3D development and teach you how to elevate your games to the next level. Topics include introductory Unity development, Corona SDK development, cloud-based gaming, and different ways to create apps for VR and AR devices.

    Casting a Wide Net: Web Development Track
    The internet is constantly evolving – in this track, you’ll learn about the changing web and how to build great applications for the browser. Dive deep into the latest web frameworks with .NET 5 and Node.js, and discover how to make great sites that work well on any browser. The sessions in this track include talks around specific web technologies as well as best practices for creating content for the web.

      The Best Windows Yet: Building for Windows 10
      With over 75 million installs of Windows 10 to date, there has never been a better time to build for the Windows platform and ecosystem. In this track, explore new ways to develop Windows 10 applications, get tips on maximizing productivity with the latest Microsoft operating system, and learn about the Office 365 developer platform. Find out the ways to bring your app to the best Windows yet!

        Windows Azure
        All about Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Development and Operations