Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Thomas Zhou

About Thomas
Thomas Zhou is a Software Engineer at PayPal Kafka Team. Worked on multiple fields around Kafka such as Kafka Security, High Availabilty Monitoring System for large scale Kafka Clusters. Thomas is also a good cook and game enthusiast.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Securing Kafka at Paypal with 500 Billion Messages a Day

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: Shoot The Breeze

    This session will talk about multiple fields around Kafka security which contains 4 parts: Securing Kafka, Securing Zookeeper, Quotas and Kafka Performance.

    In Securing Kafka part, we are going to talk about Securing Admin Operations, Securing Client Access, Authentication which includes SASL, GSSAPI, PLAIN and SSL with mutual-auth, Certificate Management and customized KeyStore and TrustStore loader in Kafka client lib, ACLs on cluster, topic and group level.

    Securing Zookeeper part will include Quorum security and broker to zookeeper security.

    Quotas on User level and Topic level

    In Kafka Performance part, we will talk about SSL/Non-SSL performance comparison, Java 8/9 performance, Kernel TLS with Openssl performance and the Client Tuning to improve the performance.