Lena Tran


Lena Tran is a published author, noted speaker and expert on leadership. She has lectured on various topics involving leadership and empowerment, entrepreneurship, marketing, career development, and Vietnamese- and Asian-American experiences.

In January, she became the first Vietnamese-American senior administrator at Evergreen Valley College. Before joining Evergreen, she was the driving force behind the development of the business and administration programs at the U.C. Santa Cruz Extension in Silicon Valley.


Softs Skills For Tech People Are Not Optional In Todays Job Market

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Speakers: Lena Tran, Keith Aytch

In the tech industry today, a degree will get you a job interview – but it’s your "soft skills" that will get you hired.

In the last 20 years, the world of work has shifted radically. Employers are now looking for people with well-rounded, high-level human-interfacing skills. To get hired, you'll certainly need core tech know-how – but you’ll also need to be a team-building superstar. Join this interactive workshop, and start developing the heart-mind management, intercultural leadership, and cultural intelligence skills you’ll need to nail the interview and land that sweet tech position.

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