Keven Wang

Keven Wang is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at RelateIQ, where he leads the Chrome extension project, building it from zero into the fastest-growing client at RelateIQ. On this journey, Keven architected Chrome extension to enable rapid deployment and code-sharing with RelateIQ's web-app client using AngularJS. Keven has delivered 10+ features in Chrome extension in 12 months, leveraging backend infrastructure on email / calendar sync (IMAP, Google Calendar API) and push notifications (Google Cloud Messaging). Keven joined RelateIQ in 2013, prior to its acquisition by Salesforce in 2014.


Rapid Deployment & Strategies for launching a browser extension

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11:15 AM Saturday
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Speakers: Keven Wang

RelateIQ's Chrome extension provides contextual information and productivity features inside Gmail, in order to seamlessly provide CRM access and enhance users' email workflow. Since the launch, we have delivered 10+ features in the Chrome extension in one year to become one of the highest engagement product. In this talk, we will cover the basics of a Chrome extension, deep-diving on the "read receipts" feature, and how we architected RelateIQ Chrome extension to enable rapid deployment and code-sharing. All these lessons can be transferred to startups launching a browser extension client.

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