Sidney Maestre

Sidney is eating, sleeping and breathing all things mobile as StackMob's Platform Evangelist. He spent the last three years working with jQuery to build mobile apps and sharing his knowledge with others. These efforts included speaking at Adobe MAX, SenchaCon, HTML5DevConf, Silicon Valley Code Camp, creating a jQuery Mobile course at uDemy.com and organizing the Bay Area Mobile meetup.


Backbone.js + jQuery Mobile = Awesomesauce

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11:15 AM Saturday
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Speakers: Sidney Maestre

jQuery Mobile takes the popular jQuery JavaScript library to the next level by providing a unified user interface system across many popular mobile device. But as your mobile app grows in complexity you'll need a strategy for separating your data, views and logic. Especially if multiple developers are working on the same app. I'll give an overview on jQuery Mobile components, then talk about how to use backbone.js for better code organization using the model-view-controller pattern. This talk assumes you know some JavaScript/jQuery, but haven't explored backbone.js yet. You'll walk away with a solid understanding of how backbone.js uses events, models, collections, views,and routes.


In App Payments with HTML5

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1:15 PM Sunday
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For those developing HTML5 app there are several monetization models. These include in-app purchase of premium content and virtual goods, unlocking premium features and subscriptions. This session will explore how you can leverage PayPal’s light-weight APIs to monetize your HTML5 apps. The basis for this discussion will be the open source HTML5 toolkit from PayPal. The toolkit provides a JavaScript interface for billing and verification of purchases and leverages HTML5 localStorage. It’s available on github and includes a JavaScript client library along with server-side libraries written in JAVA, PHP, Python.

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