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Dependency Properties in WPF & Silverlight  

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10:30 AM Sunday
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Dependency properties are used in both Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight. The Silverlight implementation is a lightweight implementation of this powerful feature from its WPF sister. Dependency properties provides the plumbing for property value resolution, change notification, data binding, styling, validation, etc. for properties exposed in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) & Silverlight UI elements. Each dependency property is registered with a central repository that handles the change event notifications for you.<br/> <br/>This session will demonstrate the following concepts:<br/> <ul> <li>* How to create a Dependency Property</li><br/> <li>* How are Dependency Properties resolved?</li><br/> <li>* Differences between WPF & Silverlight regarding Dependency Properties.</li><br/> <li>* When should you use Dependency Properties?</li><br/> </ul>

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Lino Tadros

Alain "Lino" Tadros is Chairman & CEO of Falafel Software, a Silicon Valley based company, with presence in Colorado, Michigan, N. Carolina, Florida and Texas, dedicated to providing world-class consulting, training, and software development for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses. Prior to founding Falafel, Lino was a member of the development team at Borland for Delphi and C++Builder. Mr. Tadros has been awarded Microsoft MVP status 9 years in a row for his numerous contributions to the C# community and is an expert in .NET, XAML, WP7, Azure, LINQ, ASP.NET, COM, and Web Services. Tadros is an industry renowned speaker and has given numerous presentations on 5 different continents since 1994. He also currently sits on the Board of Directors of 4 Silicon Valley corporations.
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