Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.


Silicon Valley Code Camp has chosen a few subject areas that have been organized into tracks. These tracks are designed and scheduled so that if you have a specific interest in the track theme you can attend all the sessions associated with that track in an order that makes sense with minimal overlap. Tracks are always of the highest quality content and are organized by a track lead, typically from one of our top sponsors. This does not mean that there are not other sessions in the same theme as the track, but those other sessions may overlap.

Do you want to create a resume that best showcases your talent and attracts more attention? Fine tune your interview skills to help you land that dream job? Are you a hiring manager interested in learning how some companies find rock-star software engineers in this competitive market? Career Track 2011 brings together a seasoned group of CEO’s, founders, executive coaches and industry experts in areas of recruiting, HR and media consulting, to share their knowledge and experience with you. If you are a job-seeker, hiring manager or HR professional, this track offers you a chance to take your skills to the next level and learn new approaches to dealing with the constant challenges of finding a great employer or candidate.  This track is sponsored by two of our Platinum sponsors Lumos Labs and Dice.

    Even More HTML5 (Sunday)
    As developers, you keep hearing a lot about HTML5, but many don’t know what it actually means or is truly capable of. If you want to learn about it, your choices are limited; you can either pick up a book or attend an expensive conference that often only scratches the surface. This track is an opportunity to connect with designers and developers and show you what’s possible, and how you can start developing HTML5 application today. This track will have presentations and a lot of demos to walk through materials and get your questions answered!

      Google Developer Tools & Platforms

      Google is fundamentally a web company, so our goal is to push the web forward in an open way. In the Google track at CodeCamp this year, we want to introduce you to some of our platforms (App Engine and the Chrome Webstore), as well as touch upon a subset of the many data APIs and tools that are available to enrich your applications and make your life as a web developer easier.


        Java Track


          No one has been able to miss the fact that mobile development is booming on every front, be it iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android or some other platform. Some prophets are even going as far as to say that the PC era is ending, and the new mobile and tablet era is the next step of the computing evolution. Don’t be left behind! Attend the Mobile track sessions to find out at a high level what is happening in the mobile space (with new releases like IOS 5 and Mango), or at a detailed level how to get started developing on each platform, as well as how to test your applications. If you are already into mobile development, there are some deep dive sessions for you as well. Also, some mobile content is found in the Cloud track as well. Mobile is organized by Falafel Software Inc.

            Mobile HTML5 (Saturday)

            No topic has been hotter and more debated in 2011 than that of HTML5 and its impact on mobile web apps and sites. In this track, we'll be taking a practical look at the reality of developing for mobile users with web technologies, making those experiences as fast as possible, and in particular how to use JavaScript frameworks to help develop reliable, cross-platform applications for contemporary mobile devices. Bring your devices, bring your laptops, and get ready to create some beautiful mobile experiences!

              Other Languages on the JVM

              Using languages other than Java on the JVM have become increasingly popular over the years. With the addition of support for JSR 292 in JDK 7, dynamically typed languages should run faster on the JVM in the future. This track includes sessions on just a few of the other languages that run on the JVM today: Clojure, Fantom, Groovy, Scala and Visage.

                Windows 8 Track

                Microsoft just released the Developer Preview of Windows 8 that includes the all new Metro interface. Not only is the interface a major facelift from previous versions of Windows, but the way you design and build applications has some very significant changes. A new programming library called WinRT has replaced the existing .Net Win32 libraries, and Microsoft has also made some major changes to Blend, the design tool. Blend now creates HTML5 code! This four session track includes two sessions directly from Harry Pierson, a Microsoft architect from Redmond as well as two sessions on Metro Design and more from Guido Rosso, Danny Riddell and Michael Lucaccini, three of the founders at Archetype.

                  Windows Azure Saturday
                  Windows Azure and SQL Azure enable you to build, host and scale applications in Microsoft datacenters. They require no up-front expenses, no long term commitment, and enable you to pay only for the resources you use. Learn more about some of the latest enhancements to the Windows Azure Platform and how to get started building your first Windows Azure app. You will see how to build and deploy apps to the cloud and consume several Windows Azure Platform services. Come see how you can leverage all of your Visual Studio, SQL, and SharePoint skills in the cloud on Windows Azure.