Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 9th and 10th, 2010


Silicon Valley Code Camp has chosen a few subject areas that have been organized into tracks. These tracks are designed and scheduled so that if you have a specific interest in the track theme you can attend all the sessions associated with that track in an order that makes sense with minimal overlap. Tracks are always of the highest quality content and are organized by a track lead, typically from one of our top sponsors. This does not mean that there are not other sessions in the same theme as the track, but those other sessions may overlap.

Agile development methods such as Scrum, Lean, and Extreme Programming are practiced at successful companies across the Silicon Valley. Whether you are an agile guru or simply agile-curious, the Agile track has something to offer you. Join us as we inspect, adapt, share, learn, and improve. Agile track organized by Chris Sims of Agile Learning Labs.

    Cloud Computing made a big splash at SV CodeCamp 2009. Since then, we've seen a lot of advances. Many companies now offer: scalable application hosting in their own clouds; open source software to build your own cloud; and cloud services like storage, data processing or voice/SMS services in the cloud. The Cloud Track at SV CodeCamp will kick off with 5 Minute Lightning Talks on Sunday Morning to get things going, as well as in-depth technical talks all throughout the day. I hope you will join us. - Dave Nielsen, Chair of the SV CodeCamp Cloud Track

      Getting Started with Development on SharePoint 2010

      Are you developer who is new to SharePoint? SharePoint 2010 has many new developer oriented features. This session is a lap around SharePoint 2010 for developers providing a brief look and code- based demos of the major new features in building user interfaces, building on the data platform, and general programmability.. Demo-heavy, it will cover tooling, services and deployment and will introduce you to the key concepts and practices you need to know to get engaged with SharePoint development.

        Google Developer Tools & Platforms

        Google is fundamentally a web company, so our goal is to push the web forward in an open way. Over the last few years, our developer offerings have proliferated quickly. In the Google track at CodeCamp this year, we want to introduce you to some of our platforms (App Engine, Chrome/HTML5, Buzz, etc.), as well as touch upon a small subset of the many data APIs and tools that are available to enrich your applications and make your life as a web developer easier. Also be sure to come back for the second day which features hands-on workshops as well as session talks.

          This track starts out with an HTML5 Crash course by Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo Software and Track Curator. Scott will, in 75 minutes run through the basics of HTML5. After Scott, 4 industry heavy weights will go into more depth regarding HTML5 and provide their insights based on their individual specialties. It's an exciting time for HTML5. We hope you can come. This track is sponsored by Vertigo Software

            Programming in OSGi or Java? Interested in Open Source or Cloud Computing? Oracle experts are want to engage you in discussion around improvements in Java EE6, Java Frameworks like Oracle ADF, and development tools and more.

              SharePoint Sunday

              SharePoint is one of the fastest growing software development platforms in the market today. The momentum that began with the release of SharePoint 2007 has only increased with the release of SharePoint 2010 earlier this year. Although based on Microsoft ASP.Net and the .Net framework, it is far more than the sum of its parts and provides a rich platform for web-based internet and intranet collaborative solutions. The four award-winning developers making presentations in this track will be demonstrating a slate of real-world, code intensive solutions to every-day custom SharePoint tasks and challenges. Nothing theoretical, just practical information from professionals who work with the technology every day. Please join us for our SharePoint 2010 Track.

                Web Services
                Integrating .NET and Java? Or just looking to create Java WebServices? This track is packed with topics on various styles of Java web services from REST, to WS-*, to JAX-RS. Join Oracle experts to learn about web services security, asynchronous services, and Oracle ADF integration.

                  Windows Phone 7

                  Windows Phone 7 is the hottest ticket in town and will be public availability for the 2010 holiday season. Ramp up now and develop Windows Phone 7 applications for the Marketplace. This track has a balanced mix of theory, platform, tools and real-world applications. Sessions cover getting started, the phone platform, developer-designer workflow, cloud applications and game development.

                  Windows Phone 7 track, by developers, for developers.