9:45 AM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th 2015session

Aspect-Oriented Programming and Cloud Computing

This talk will explore AOP as the next potential programming paradigm to take on the challenges of building SaaS Applications in the age of "Cloud Computing".

About This Session

Every once in a while some programming language or idea comes along that quietly changes the world by enabling solutions of the time that would not have otherwise been possible. This happened with C and Unix of the 70's, Object-Oriented Programming for GUI's during the 80's and HTML with the Web in the 90's. So what is our "quiet child" for the Cloud? Could AOP be this enabling idea that helps us take on the challenges of building Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications? If so, why hasn't AOP been introduced into the mainstay of CS and Software Engineering curriculum in a way that OOP did? In this talk, we will explore what AOP is, discuss the challenges we currently face in building multi-tenant applications , and also look ahead on how our Cloud Application Development challenges can solved.

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The Speaker(s)

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Paul Nguyen

Lecturer at SJSU , San Jose State University

Appthority Chief Architect and Adjunct Faculty at San Jose State University