11:15 AM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 5th and 6th 2013session

Cracking the Culture Code


About This Session

Culture is not amorphous, mystical, or rocket science. Nor is culture about foosball tables, making everyone happy, or scoffing at professional decorum. Culture is the way stuff gets done. And like any field, it has vocabulary, fundamentals, and theories that once understood, clarify the behaviors of our seemingly bewildering organizations. An organization's attitude towards its people and the market influences everything from innovation, productivity, release cycles, hiring, to politics. But once we understand the nuts and bolts of culture, we can either reinforce, reprogram, or select a culture where we're productive and happy. This talk demystifies culture and provides real-world case studies that illustrate how not-so-fuzzy and highly strategic cultural thinking ultimately makes or breaks every company.

Time: 11:15 AM Saturday    Room: 1401 

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Elaine Wherry

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