3:30 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.session

Painless Desktop Application Development: The Griffon Experience


About This Session

Despite of all the buzz and hype around webapps over the last 8 years fact is that desktop applications are still found in many places, specially in the enterprise. However the legends are true: building desktop applications is a hard job. But it does not have to be. Enter Griffon. Griffon aims to bring back the fun and productivity to desktop application development in the same way Grails did it (and continues to do so) on the web. Griffon is rooted in the JVM but has Grails in its DNA. This means you'll find yourself right at home if you're a Java veteran, same goes for all of you that made the jump to Grails. In this session we'll cover the basics to get you started with Griffon. How applications are structured and built. Then we'll switch gears into high speed and cover topics like threading, testing, deploying, handling of legacy code and even network and database integration.

Time: 3:30 PM Saturday    Room: 4204 

The Speaker(s)

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Andres Almiray

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