3:30 PM Saturday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.session

Introduction to NME, the "Write Once, Publish Everywhere" Framework


About This Session

<p>You probably haven't heard of it before, but I don't blame you.</p><br/> <p>NME is a really cool framework that makes it possible to compile NATIVE applications for iOS, webOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Flash and HTML5, without needing to write any conditional platform code. Literally, your same project compiles for the web, packages (automatically) to mobile platforms or becomes a desktop application.</p><br/> <p>It sounds too good to be true, but it really works.</p><br/> <p>NME is free, open-source and awesome. Publish to Facebook, the Android Market, the Apple App Store, the webOS App Catalog and more -- without compromise.</p><br/> <p>Unlike other solutions that require "just-in-time" interpretation of a universal runtime, NME (with the Haxe language compiler) translates your code to other programming languages. You can compile straight to SWF bytecode, to C++ or to Javascript. NME includes libraries to get fast performance on mobile using SDL, OpenGL ES and other native code. C++ applications are compiled using the native toolchain for each platform, like the webOS SDK, XCode or the Android NDK. The install tool handles the whole process so it "just works"</p><br/> <p>How easy is it to support cross-platform? This easy:</p><br/> <p>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml webos<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml ios -simulator<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml android<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml windows<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml mac<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml linux<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml flash<br/>haxelib run nme test MyProject.nmml html5</p><br/> <p>Skeptical? Excited? Come on out to learn more about this free, awesome, easy-to-use, game-ready framework!</p>

Time: 3:30 PM Saturday    Room: 5502 

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Joshua Granick

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