1:15 PM Sunday
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.session

HTML5: All about Web Forms


About This Session

<p>HTML forms have been the bane of web developers for years. Not anymore! </p> <p>With HTML5 you may learn to love forms. Imagine a day when you can validate a form without any JavaScript. Date pickers, place holder text, pattern matching, required fields, auto focus, error handling, all without JavaScript? That day is not as far off as you think. In this session we’ll discuss new to HTML5 form input types and attributes. We can’t promise that you’ll love creating web forms, but you will gain a new, exciting appreciation.</p> <p>We’ll learn all about creating dynamic web forms with form validation without the use of javascript. Topics covered include:</p> <ul><li> The new HTML5 input types</li> <li> Controlling what keyboard types gets displayed on touch keyboards, including the iPad and iPhone, </li><li> Placeholder Attribute: Adding native placeholder text and clearing on focus </li><li> Native form validation: Error messages with no javascript </li><li> Date & time input types: The jQuery datepicker, without jQuery. </li><li> Providing focus to a form element, including focus on invalid input without javascript. </li><li> CSS & Forms: Stylizing form elements based on current states of required and invalid </li><li> Pattern attribute – Pattern matching for form input: with regular expressions and no javascript </li><li>element and list attribute- providing autosuggest on inputs, again no javascript.</li></ul> <p>Browsers are beginning to support HTML5 web forms. In this session we’ll learn how to implement them.</p>

Time: 1:15 PM Sunday    Room: 5015 

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Estelle Weyl

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