Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Nicholas Camilleri

Interview Kickstart
About Nicholas
As the Head of Career Coaching at Interview Kickstart, Nick Camilleri has helped more than 3,000 software engineers land their dream jobs in tech. Growing up in Mountain View, CA, Nick was exited to start his career as a technical recruiter, helping local tech companies like Google and Apple grow. He then made his way to LinkedIn where he sat on the hiring committee for 200+ SWE hires. Since then, he has had the pleasure of speaking at universities like Stanford, Santa Clara University, SJSU, UOP, and UC Davis on the topics of professional communication, career development, and entrepreneurship.
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Speaking Sessions

  • The Million Dollar Resume: A Workshop

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: Fireside D

    Ever wonder what a solid resume looks like? One that eventually leads to massively paying jobs?

    Contrary to popular advice, we at Interview Kickstart believe, that a good resume is one that raises more questions than it answers. In the few seconds that it gets, it finds a way to get into the reader's head, so much so, that they can't help but talk to you.

    In this workshop, our coaches will show you what it takes to write such a resume. One that attracts attention from recruiters and hiring managers alike.

    Bring your resume and a pen/cil. Or a computer fully charged. We'll work through it right there!

    Speakers:    Soham Mehta  Nicholas Camilleri