Cindy Solomon

Cindy F. Solomon is a product marketing leader and product management lifecycle expert. Startup Product Academy facilitates a holistic view of product and forwards both product leaders and professional product management organizations with innovative approaches across disciplines.


Introduction To The Lean Definition Process

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2:00 PM Sunday
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The Lean Definition Process provides a structured approach to uncovering the tangible 360 degree view of the full product to be built by leveraging the various points of view across all the new product touch points prior to build. This presentation will provide an overview of the benefits and a walk through of the results of the process, as well as case studies on the application of the process. Benefits of The Lean Definition Process Provides a 360 degree view of "What The Product Is" prior to execution Facilitates cross-discipline communication between domain experts Uncovers unknowns and prevents bottlenecks in the product development phase Increases a culture of collaboration across silos Enables efficient on boarding of new team members

For independent programmers and developers, the Lean Definition Process provides a clear cut way to establish rapport with your client, uncover unknowns upfront, manage expectations, enable a visual representation of their product vision with a reality check, clearly communicate, work with non-technical customers, and educate them as to all that is involved to build the product. Especially applicable to IOT, hardware and software applications that are device specific.

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