Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Douglas Crockford

About Douglas
Douglas Crockford discovered the JSON Data Interchange Format. He is also the author of _JavaScript: The Good Parts_. He has been called a guru, but he is actually more of a mahatma.
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Speaking Sessions

  • The Post Javascript Apocalypse

    This talk speculates about the next language after JavaScript, and what to do in the mean time about some of the new features in ES6. There will be an emphasis on simplicity and quality. The web is cluttered and full of errors. The talk will also touches on why you should subscribe to HBO.

  • The Seif Project Continued

    This talk continues the next chapter of the Seif Project. It is all about giving the web an important upgrade. To hear the previous chapter on tube click below.

    Douglas Crockford Talks About the Seif Project at OSCON 2015 in Amsterdam

    The web has grown to become a hugely important medium, but it has also become horrendously complex, which extends development schedules and promotes bug formation. The standards process cannot reduce the web’s complexity; it can only increase it. Making things worse, there are security vulnerabilities in the web that have been present since its creation, which become increasingly dangerous with time.

    This talk introduces Seif, an open source project that was started at PayPal, which has the goal of transitioning the web into an application delivery system that will be safer, easier to use, and easier to develop for.