Todd McLeod

Champion of world class online instruction; teaching online since 1997; honored as one of California’s top community college instructors; studied online education at UC San Diego; started the Online Teacher Training Program and taught college faculty in central California how to teach online; one of the world’s leading trainers in the Go programming language which is currently the highest paying programming language in America; teacher to 528,918 students last year online; founder of Greater Commons; motivating, inspiring, and teaching teachers how to teach online at their greatest potential - this is Todd McLeod, working every day for the greater common good.


Go Language & Google Cloud - Building Web Apps That Scale

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Gullo II
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Speakers: Todd McLeod

Go is fast. Go scales. Go is gaining in popularity. There are many reasons Go is a great choice for building web apps. Come learn about Go. Learn what makes it a great choice. Learn how you can use Go to build web apps that scale to millions of individuals easily.

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