Siamak Ashrafi

(Ash) is Bio-Computational researcher@day working on bio-markers (publications*) & CTO@night of technology companies (patents*). His frequent code-a-thon wins have gone on to become published Apps (iOS & Android*). As a thought leader in wearable/mobile development he is an enthusiastic teacher / speaker helping to promote the ecosystem (fashion* & technology*). But what he would really like is to get a major sponsor in all three phases of water. (Snowboarding* [solid], Surfing* [liquid] & Kiteboarding* [vapor])


Wearable technology is “The Next Big Thing”.

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5:00 PM Saturday
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Speakers: Siamak Ashrafi

Embedded Technology / Functional Fashion (Demo of Google Glass) and the future of mobile. This talk will begin by examining the hardware evolution of smartphones (MEMS Sensors & Antennas) including example code (iOS 7, Android 5, HTML5) with sensor fusion. Over time this has advanced the smartphone to the point where it has the processing power and sensors to determine the mood of a person! These advancements are now enabling the current class of wearable technologies. While considering the relationship between the modern smartphone and wearable tech as we survey the current devices (Nike, Jawbone / BodyBugg, Lark, FitBit, MisFit …); ending with a case study of Google Glass. We will talk about the experience of picking up Glass and being in the Glass Explorer Community. We will review the functionality and development (using both the Mirror API and native Android development) of Glassware. The talk will end with what the future might hold for wearables; emphasize the importance of design / fashion.

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