John Waters

John Waters is the lead architect and developer of a number of high profile software products and solutions, including the Velocity ERP system, the HC Standard Critical Asset Tracking system, and numerous financial software systems. John has spoken at conferences all over the world on topics ranging from Parallel Computing to Windows Phone and Windows 8 development. Currently, John is working on Windows Azure Cloud Computing and Mobile Development. John previously founded and run several consulting companies in Sweden, and has worked at Falafel Software in California since 2003. John is a MVP.


Taking full advantage of Windows 8 Modern Style Applications

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1:15 PM Sunday
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Speakers: John Waters

So, you have ported over your XAML app to Windows 8...but are you really a good Metro citizen? Are you taking full advantage of what it has to offer? This session will show you what a real world product (EventBoard) did to make itself at home, including: - Settings Charm - Share Charm - Search Charm - Semantic Zoom - Snapped View - Secondary Tiles - Live Tiles - Background Tasks - Notifications - App Bars, Popup Menus and Flyouts - Innovative use of AppBars for navigation, the way IE does it I promise to show lots of code!

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