Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.

Ted Young

Spiral Learning, LLC
About Ted
Java Trainer and Coding Coach, specializing in Java, Spring, Object-Oriented Programming, and TDD. Create and deliver customized learning experiences for developers.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation: Intro to CQRS

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: 4310
    Have you heard about CQRS, but don't know how it could be used? Or, do you have an application that seems to make doing data access hard? The origin of CQRS is from Bertrand Meyer: "every method should either be a command that performs an action, or a query that returns data to the caller, but not both." CQRS takes this a step further by splitting the system into two parts: one that processes the commands (actions) and the other than handles queries (data access). Essentially, separating the Reads from the Writes. In this talk, I'll introduce how I used CQRS in a small Java application using the Axon Framework ( Note that I'm no CQRS expert, so while I'll present what I've learned, I expect that questions will be asked that I won't have a ready answer for, but we can find the answers together.