Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.

Keith Sutton

About Keith
I am a Senior Technologist with Adobe working to on Flex and Flash Builder ecosystem partners. Also have been Member and Manager of the Silicon Valley Flex User Group (SilVaFUG). My background includes many years of technology consulting into large and small enterprises.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Building Web and Mobile apps with Flex on PHP and Zend

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: 4310
    This session provides an introduction to building a Flex browser, desktop and mobile application with Flash Builder for PHP/Zend. The examples will demonstrate leveraging PHP skills and technology on the server side, combined with remoting technology (AMF) as a foundation for Rich Internet Applications for web and mobile.

  • Building Flex Applications for Mobile and Desktop on the Cloud

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: 4221
    This session highlights build rich internet (RIA) and mobile applications on various cloud platforms. Flex and Flash Builder provide connectivity feature that allow it to be used with platforms-as-a-service such as Google App Engine (FlexCloudSDK), Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, CocoaFish, Heroku and CloudFoundry (Spring). Demos on multiple PaaS provided.