J. Tower

Jonathan "J." Tower is a consultant with Falafel Software, a Microsoft certified consulting and training company based in silicon valley with a presence in five U.S. states and Canada. J. loves the creative and problem-solving aspects of software development. He has twelve years of software development experience in industries including e-commerce, procurement, marketing, logistics, quality assurance, and manufacturing. Over the years, J. has helped companies like Microsoft, Abbott Laboratories, LTD Commodities, and Uline Shipping Supplies to develop their enterprise software applications using Microsoft development technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Silverlight. J. lives in Michigan with his wife and children, where he enjoys watching films, photography, and outdoor activities like biking and backpacking. J. received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and systems sciences from Taylor University.


Windows Phone 7 - "Mango" Refresh

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1:45 PM Saturday
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Speakers: J. Tower

<p>With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft sought a fresh take on the mobile OS, and what emerged was a beautiful, simple, and highly functional design with excellent developer tools which make creating interesting applications both easy and enjoyable.</p> <p>Releasing this fall is the first major update to Windows Phone 7, code-named "Mango". In this talk I will introduce several of the new features coming for developers including the updates to live tiles, new sensor debugging tools, multi-tasking, the updated application life-cycle, background agents, IE9 with HTML5 support, and more!</p>

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