Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 8th and 9th, 2011.

Edward Gibbs

About Edward
Ed Gibbs is a software development manager/tech lead working in Sacramento, California. He runs a popular blog on software development management issues at, a mix of technical and management posts. He spends his time focusing on mentoring traditional corporate IT organizations on TDD, continuous integration, refactoring, static analysis, and the advantages higher productivity with dynamic/functional languages. He's a regular presenter at the Sacramento JUG and a founding member of the Sacramento Groovy Users Group.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Spock: The Search for an Intelligent Spec

    2:45 PM Sunday   Room: 8401
    <p> Still testing your Java with JUnit 3 extending TestCase and setting up suites? Heard about newer testing frameworks, but never found one that passed the five minute test? Wanted to find a way to take a break from verbose Java code to do some Groovy without inviting the wrath of your standards committee? Come find out how to write elegant test specifications using Spock. This will be a hands on tutorial on writing tests/specs against some sample Java code. As a bonus we'll touch on using Spock with Geb (Groovy Browser Automation) to drive functional specifications. </p> <ul> <li>Writing Spock Specifications against Java code</li> <li>Utilizing blocks to write expressive specifications</li> <li>Testing multiple scenarios with parameterizations</li> <li>Using Geb and Spock together with Selenium to write functional specs</li> <li>Leveraging Page Object Model to write less brittle browser tests</li> </ul>