Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 9th and 10th, 2010

Ramnivas Laddad

About Ramnivas
Ramnivas is a technologist, author, and presenter who is passionate about doing software right. He has been leading innovation in Spring Framework and Cloud Foundry since their beginning. Ramnivas has led a group in Cloud Foundry and started the Spring Cloud project. Ramnivas is the author of AspectJ in Action (1st ed, 2nd ed), the best-selling book on aspect-oriented programming that has been lauded by industry experts for its presentation of practical and innovative approach to solve real-world problems. He has at many leading industry events including JavaOne, ScalaDays, JavaPolis, No Fluff Just Stuff, SpringOne, and O'Reilly OSCON.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Spring Roo: Productive Enterprise Application Development

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: 3401
    <p> <b>Spring Roo</b> combines the power of the Spring framework, magic of annotations, and awesomeness of AspectJ to provide unimaginable productivity for building enterprise applications. This open source project provides Java programmers a real choice in creating applications quickly without compromising on performance, while enjoying goodies that come with statically typed languages--code completion, immediate feedback on errors, and robust refactoring. Spring Roo does all this without the locking-in that you would typically expect from such a productive solution. </p> <p> In this presentation, we will create an application from scratch. We will pick a domain suggested by attendees and develop JSP- and GWT-based front end, JPA-based persistence, security, automated tests, and so on. We will do all this and still have time left to show how it all works. Come to this presentation as a skeptic and leave as a believer! </p>