Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 9th and 10th, 2010

Peter Tweed

About Peter
Peter is the Practice Lead for Custom Development and Mobility for Slalom Consulting in San Francisco. Slalom Consulting is Microsoft's 2010 Country Partner Of The Year for the United States, Microsoft's 2010 Partner Of The Year for Information Worker Solutions Collaboration and Microsoft's 2010 Partner Of The Year for Business Intelligence. With a varied background in software development, systems architecture and program management, Peter spends his time ensuring the successful definition and implementation of technology strategy to the world's most innovative companies enabling them to reach their goals through the use of cutting edge technology. Peter's motivation and drive is simple - to deliver innovative solutions to help people do more through the use of technology.
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Speaking Sessions

  • How Do I Get Into Windows Phone 7 Development?

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: 4220
    So we know mobility is a hot topic and Windows Phone 7 is being released in October, so there is about to be an explosion of applications developed for the platform. So many people are asking themselves - how do I get into it? <br/> Peter will cover the tools you need to get started and what you need to consider when building apps for Windows Phone 7. <br/> To illustrate the development process Peter will walk through creating a basic application with the key considerations for mobile development: <ul><li>application navigation</li><li>interacting with web services</li><li>local storage on the phone</li><li>media</li><li>interacting with the phones functions</li></ul> <br/> It is expected the attendees already have at least a basic working knowledge of WCF and Silverlight development.