Donovan Follette

Donovan Follette is a Sr. Technical Evangelist for Microsoft with over 25 years of experience developing enterprise business applications on a variety of platforms. He currently specializes in helping to enable developers in building integrated line-of-business (LOB) solutions with Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2010. Visit blogs.msdn.com/donovanf for information on LOB integration opportunities with SharePoint and Office.


Creating Office 2010 Add-ins Using SharePoint as a Data Source

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1:45 PM Saturday
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Getting Started with Deve...
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Speakers: Donovan Follette

A common request for developers is to surface internal SharePoint data within the Office client applications. This allows users to interact with SharePoint list data (contacts, calendars, custom lists, etc.) in the direct context of their document editing experience. In this session you will learn the recipe for creating these kinds of solutions, and you will understand what kinds of benefits you can bring to users. You will learn to use the SharePoint client OM and the ADO.NET Data Services (REST APIs) to access SharePoint data and present them in add-ins. The session concludes with the deployment of the add-in to a shared location so it can be accessed centrally.

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