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Thu Oct 01 2015
By Tammy Baker
If you have volunteered to help out at SV Code Camp, first, thank you! We really appreciate and know how important you are. Second, you should have gotten an email but if not, here are the details. Read on...
Hi SVCC Volunteers,
First and foremost, thank you for volunteering for Silicon Valley Code Camp.  SV Code Camp would not be possible without you.
Please don't forget, we are at Evergreen Valley College this year (NOT Foothill). Here’s the address:
3095 Yerba Buena Rd
San Jose, CA
For Friday Volunteers:
Please arrive at 12 noon on Friday and meet us at the EOPS. This is across from the Admissions and Records Office and across the walkway from Sequoia Hall. We need help with shirt sorting, making attendee handouts and setting up the prep rooms. If you ever felt like saying "stuff it" to someone now is your big chance because we all really do need to "stuff it," sort it and pack it. We should be done by 6pm and ready to kick back.  If you have to leave a little early that's OK.
There are two entrances to the college. The closest parking lots are off Yerba Buena Road on the south side of the campus; park in student parking places. Parking is $3, bring dollar bills or quarters. Parking tickets cost about $45 and Evergreen does ticket so pay the $3 instead.
Saturday/Sunday Volunteers:  

Important: come to the registration area 10 minutes before the start of your job assignment. Registration will be located alongside Acacia. Job assignments are here Please remember what you volunteered for!  We can look it up, but it's faster if you remember.

Remember as a volunteer you are invited to attend the speaker and volunteer appreciation dinner on Saturday night!

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