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Progress Report 2 Days Out   

Wed Sep 30 2015
By Peter Kellner
More capacity for SVCC Sunday Kids, Minecraft Modding seats added, Code Stars Sessions Still Open
Hi SV Code Camp Folks,
Let me get to several key points, then explain below.
  • Added More Capacity to Kids Minecraft Modding (25 Slots Open)
  • Onsite Registration For Kids Very Limited and Cash Only ($75)
  • Code Stars Session Still Open
  • Pro Session Change Log On going (set notifications in your profile)
Regarding SVCC Kids Sunday, we've upped our capacity so we can handle 200 kids rather then the 150 we previously had.  The very popular Minecraft Modding session which sold out almost instantly now has 25 slots open so if you've signed up for SVCC Kids Sunday and did not get into that class, head back to the session planner and update your selected session.
If your kid is not registered, we may have a small number of seats available onsite for $75 ($50 to register now).  It's likely we will be sold out but if not you are welcome to come and see what we have left.
Tomorrow, we assign rooms to all our SV Code Camp professional sessions and hopefully, Thursday morning we will send out "the goods" which include parking directions, registration instructions and everything you need.
Please remember that if your registration status (below) does not say that you are registered for code camp, you will not have a badge waiting for you and you may not be allowed to attend.  Please register if you plan on coming to SV Code Camp this weekend.
We are all very excited for SV Code Camp 10 at EvergreenValley College.  Any questions, please let us know.
Registration Status: ##CurrentYearStatusHtml##
Best Regards,
Peter Kellner (SVCC and Code Stars Summit Organizer)
PS:  Joy Tani has joined our staff at SV Code Camp this year and has been a huge help at getting ready, especially considering the logistics involved in a venue change.  Check out Joy explaining one of our EVC building maps in this 2 minute video.
PPS: If you have not selected the sessions you plan on attending, check out this 10 minute video on how to navigate the many choices to do that.
PPPS: Finally, get notified of session changes by text or email as soon as they happen.  Update your SVCC profile to indicate you want to be notified of just your sessions or all sessions.

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