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Magic w/o Tricks: Avoiding the Culture-from-Hell Syndrome  

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10:45 AM Sunday
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You should be thinking, and even obsessing about the culture you want for your startup. Culture affects everything: creativity, productivity, quality, growth. All key to business success and, just as importantly, key to happiness and well being for you, your team, and the communities around you. It is not difficult to do it right, though it is easy enough to screw it up. In this session you will learn about developing a governance structure without bureaucracy. We'll talk about how to define a cause, a vision, principles, and values in an inclusive way and without it being burdensome. We will have specific examples of real best practices that we've learned from experience. You can't legislate a culture, but you must purposefully shape it or else you may not like how it turns out.

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Matt Perez

Matt has been involved in building kickass software product for over 20 years. He has plenty of experience with rapid growth environments, in startups as well as in large, public companies. Matt has helped raise close to $50M in VC in investments as a co-founder of three start ups. Matt now leads Nearsoft, Inc, a successful software development company that helps its clients grow their software development teams with engineers in Mexico.
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