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Keys to Superb Product Team Performance  

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11:15 AM Saturday
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Have you experienced the joy of being on a truly high-performing team?

It’s an experience we thrill to have been part of, an experience we only hope we can repeat in our careers.

But taking a team to that nirvana state is all too spotty and infrequent.

A group of us have been surveying teams about practices and approaches and ultimately about team performance for most of this decade. High performing teams are not only a joy to be part of, but also highly effective at delivering products that delight customers.

The 2012 Study of Product Team Performance revealed five practices that, if product teams are doing them, gives them a 67% likelihood of achieving high team performance. (Similarly, if they practice none of them, they'll have a miniscule 2% likelihood of achieving high team performance!).

The 2013 Study revealed rapid growth in the number of teams becoming agile - and fascinating insight into development methods and practices teams believe improve their products' profitability.

This year we discovered the correlation with standups. (Make them effective, hold them daily.) And with tightly integrating user experience.

Study co-author Ron Lichty will present the insights we gained from the 2015 Study of Product Team Performance - as well as key findings from earlier studies.

Join us and learn where you can focus to take your product team to awesome.

Speaker also has a workshop at our pre-conference event Code Stars Summit Titled:   "Managing Software People and Teams"

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Ron Lichty

Ron Lichty has been managing and, more recently, consulting in managing software development and product organizations for over 25 years. Before that, as a programmer, he coded compiler code generators, was awarded patents for compression and security algorithms for embedded microcontroller devices, wrote 2 widely used programming texts, and developed the computer animation demo that Apple used to launch and sell a next-generation line of PCs. The primary focus of his consulting practice has mirrored what he did as a manager: untangling the knots in software development. As Ron Lichty Consulting, he takes on fractional Interim VP Engineering roles, trains teams and executives in scrum, transitions teams to agile, trains and coaches managers in managing software people and teams, and advises organizations and coaches teams to make their software development “hum.” His 450-page book, Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams, was recently released as video training - LiveLessons: Managing Software People and Teams - both from Pearson and on O’Reilly’s Safari Network. He also co-authors the periodic Study of Product Team Performance.

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