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Integrating online payments  

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11:15 AM Saturday
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So you've build your app, website, widget. Now you need a payment system to monetize. Great! Fortunately Online Payments have a come a long way in the past 5 years. Online Credit Card acceptance would take weeks to implement, today it can be done in hours. Also there are more choices. But questions still persist: What are pros and cons of different payment systems vis-a-vis processing costs, ease of integration, chargebacks etc. Should I use an existing option or roll something of my own. Alternatives to Credit Cards. What about Marketplaces, Mobile APIs. International payment options ? I will spend first part of the session on the business aspects of payments and and second part will delve into the various APIs available from different commercial vendors. Time permitting I may show an actual API implementation from one or two popular vendors

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PJ Gupta

PJ Gupta is Founder of Checkbook Inc (a startup doing Digital Checks). Previously, he worked for VISA, where he held positions including Chief Network Architect and Director of Network Security. Believes in changing the world of payments, ecommerce infrastructure. When not changing the world of payment systems PJ is finding ways to get back into flying single planes
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