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Building node.js applications with Database Jones  

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1:15 PM Sunday
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Gullo II
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Database Jones is a fast, easy, and safe framework for building database applications in Node.js. Created by the MySQL Cluster team, it currently provides backend support both for plain vanilla MySQL and for high-performance native NoSQL access to MySQL Cluster. It can potentially support many other SQL and NoSQL databases. It provides an API organized around the concept of a database session that allows standard JavaScript objects to be read from and written to a database. Key features include: - a simple API for create/read/update/delete operations - high-performance bulk and batched operations - support for both explicit and implicit transactions - a fluent Query language - flexible mapping between JavaScript objects and a variety of relational data structures, document stores, or hybrid relational/document data models. We will cover the key Database Jones APIs, build a simple application, illustrate the advantages of our approach, and point attendees to all the resources they would need to get started developing with Jones.

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John David Duncan

J.D. Duncan is a software engineer on the MySQL Cluster team at Oracle Corp. He began his career as a Unix systems administrator, began building data-driven web applications in the late 90s, and joined MySQL AB in 2004.
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