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Building HTML5-based Business Apps on Azure with Visual Studio LightSwitch  

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9:45 AM Saturday
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Visual Studio LightSwitch is the easiest way to create modern, data-centric, line of business applications for the enterprise. In this demo-heavy session, we will build and deploy end-to-end, a full-featured business app that runs in Azure and provides rich user experiences tailored for modern devices. We’ll cover how LightSwitch helps you focus your time on what makes your application unique, allowing you to easily implement common business application scenarios—such as integrating multiple data sources, data validation, authentication, and access control. We’ll cover complex business rules and advanced data services for facilitating custom mobile reporting dashboards. You will also see how developers can use their knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript to customize their apps with custom controls, client-side logic, and CSS themes.

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Beth Massi

Beth Massi is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for .NET at Microsoft and a long-time community champion for .NET developers. She helps developers build amazing things. Follow her on twitter @BethMassi
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