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Servlet 3.0 extensible, asynchronous and easy to use  

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5:00 PM Saturday
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Servlet 3.0, introduced in the Java EE 6 platform, is the foundation for next generation web applications with the extensibility, asynchronous features, ease of development features and more. In addition to web 2.0 applications, it is also the foundation for extensibility in the Java EE 6 platform. Servlet 3.0 introduced a number of new features, from async to use of annotations and also making the platform extensible via modular web.xml, APIs for dynamic registration of servlets, filters and listeners and container provided features for scanning applications of a particular type to allow frameworks introspect the type of application it is and configure themselves. In addition to these features, servlet 3.0 also introduced security features for programmatic authentication, login and logout and declarative http constraints via annotations. This session will cover the new features in the just released Servlet 3.0 specification.

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Rajiv Mordani

Rajiv is the Servlet 3.0 specification lead and web architect for GlassFish.
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