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Rich GUI Testing Made Easy  

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3:30 PM Saturday
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<p> Testing GUIs is essential to making applications safer and more robust. Even the simplest GUI can enclose some complexity. Any complexity needs to be tested: code without tests is a potential source of bugs. A well-tested application has a greater chance of success. GUI development has been slow to include automated testing as a core practice, because writing tests for GUIs is hard. In this session, we'll explore several practices that can simplify testing of Swing and JavaFX GUIs. </p> <p> Topics that will be covered include: <ul> <li>What robust GUI tests means</li> <li>Creating testable GUIs</li> <li>Troubleshooting failing tests</li> <li>Finding and fixing threading issues</li> <li>Applying test-driven development (TDD) to GUIs</li> <li>Available open source tools for GUI testing</li> </ul> </p>

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Alex Ruiz

Alex is a programmer with special interest in Java, API design, testing and OOP. He is the creator of FEST, an open source project that aims at making testing of Swing and JavaFX user interfaces (and testing in general) easier. Alex works as a Software Engineer in the JavaFX Controls team at Oracle.
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