2:15 PM Sunday
Fireside D
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019session

Secure Your Bottom Line: The Forgotten Cyber Battleground

Cyber criminals are after everybody big and small. Protect your innovations and underlying computers and infrastructure you use in your business. Learn best practices to keep your data, operations and innovations safe from cyber criminals.

About This Session

There are really great passion and innovation in the bay area. Many don't realize the vulnerable bottom line infrastructure that we use every day, both the small and the big. Foreign governments have already stolen our fighter jet technologies and caught up to us, submarine technologies understanding how to attack us, our cyber warfare tools being used against us, and intellectual properties used to copy us.

With rapidly growing tech companies snagging all the cyber experts they can find, cyber villains with mad skills are looking for the low hanging fruit: you. Your underlying infrastructure is more vulnerable than you think. We can't rely on neither outdated technologies nor jump on new technologies with improper security.

Come join this session to learn the basics that could prevent not just securing your underlying infrastructure and computers, but also save yourself from a devastating ransomware or ransomcloud halting your innovations for ransom. Learn what cyber criminals are after and the easy ways to prevent a data breach and your code from being stolen.

Time: 2:15 PM Sunday    Room: Fireside D 

The Speaker(s)

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Adam Sbeta

Developer , Cyber Crime Experts

Adam Sbeta’s is helping businesses be more secure, downtime-free, password-free, and antivirus-free.