10:45 AM Sunday
Town Square B
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019session

How to "think" (and design) like a Software Architect

Software Architects design solutions for complex back office enterprise applications by identifying the basic abstractions. Attendees will use their techniques to interactively develop the high level design for such an application.

About This Session

In 2015, Money Magazine identified Software Architect as its #1 Best Job to hold in the U.S. If you have ever wondered what a Software Architect actually “does” for a living, this is the presentation for you.

Software Architects deeply “think about”, discuss and develop solutions for back office enterprise components, primarily using the Object Oriented paradigm, in which the basic abstractions defined in the problem description are identified, fleshed out and manipulated.

On truly large software projects, it is only after both the system analysis is completed and the design fleshed out and documented by the software architect, that the programmers get called in to implement the resulting solution. This is EXACTLY the relationship between the architect and the craftsmen (plumbers, electricians and carpenters) during the building of a house. By necessity, they each think about the same house in very different ways.

Attendees (with even a basic programming background) will learn how to think about large software projects "the other way".

Time: 10:45 AM Sunday    Room: Town Square B 

The Speaker(s)

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Ron Kleinman

CIS Instructor , De Anza College

Ron teaches Object Oriented Analysis and Design at De Anza College