2:15 PM Saturday
Fireside D
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018session

Serverless and Containers in the Cloud Age

Today the cloud uses containers, serverless, or cloud native apps. This workshop would give you a sound overview of all these technologies in a sample code with consuming AI based image processing.

About This Session

Using the container technology is one of the ways to deploy your application on the internet, the other options include using cloud native applications - PaaS, or alternatively by removing entire middleware overhead and using so called Serverless aka FaaS.

During this talk you will learn what it takes to build an application with containers based on the open source Docker and Kubernetes.

Furthermore you will be able to experience Serverless application. Finally you will get some introduction into a cloud application based on the Cloudfoundry Platform as a Service.

Time: 2:15 PM Saturday    Room: Fireside D 

The Speaker(s)

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Marek Sadowski

Dev Advocate , IBM

Marek Sadowski - a full stack developer advocate, a robotics startup founder and an entrepreneur.