12:45 PM Sunday
Fireside A
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018session

Essentials for Reasonable Software Design

In this talk we will discuss the essentials of Reasonable Software Design, and Pure Functional Programming -- but, I repeat myself.

About This Session

After decades of being awash in complicated frameworks, navigating unwieldy code-bases with entangled concerns and convoluted implementation patterns: there is a natural desire to "get back to the fundamentals". Of course, knowing exactly where to look for these "fundamentals" isn't necessarily obvious. In fact, the very last place one might look, would be this seemingly fashionable paradigm: Functional Programming.

Time: 12:45 PM Sunday    Room: Fireside A 

The Speaker(s)

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Ryan Delucchi

unassigned , Jack Henry & Associates

Ryan is a Principal Engineer, specializing in Pure Functional Programming in Scala.