12:45 PM Sunday
Shoot The Breeze
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018session

Developing Microcontroller Appilcations with VSCODE

In this session the presenter will discuss the configuring of and demonstrate the use of Visual Studio Code (VSCODE) as a microcontroller application development IDE

About This Session

Visual Studio Code (VSCODE) is primary thought of as a IDE for WEB and desktop application development; however with the proper extensions and external tool chains it can also provide a powerful IDE for microcontroller based applications. In this session the presenter will discuss the VSCODE extensions and tool chain configurations need to needed to turn VSCODE in to a microcontroller IDE.
The presentation will include two demonstrations of the use of VSCODE to develop microcontroller based IOT sensor applications 1. A LoraWan rain gauge using C++ and the MBED libraries running on a Multi-Tech MDot 2. A Bluetooth temperature sensor using Micro Python and the PyCom libraries running on a FiPi

Time: 12:45 PM Sunday    Room: Shoot The Breeze 

The Speaker(s)

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Steve Mylroie

Owner , Roietronics

An independent software consultant specializing in the Microsoft product stack Baynet officer