3:30 PM Sunday
Town Square A
Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 13 & 14, 2018session

Accelerating Android Development with Google Jetpack

This session will cover how Google Jetpack will accelerate Android Development by providing comprehensive architectures and frameworks. This session covers all areas of Android development using Jetpack. Foundation, Architecture, Behavior & UI

About This Session

For the first time, the Android Team is proposing an architecture for Android.  This is a significant shift from the past where The Android Team did not give any direction or advice on how to structure an Android App.  This led to lots of confusion and poorly designed Apps.  Now they are not only giving comprehensive guidance but have a reference implementation that they believe are best practices.  Android developers should learn and adopt these components before writing another App.


"Jetpack is a collection of Android software components to make it easier for you to develop great Android apps. These components help you follow best practices, free you from writing boilerplate code, and simplify complex tasks, so you can focus on the code you care about." - Google Android Team


Jetpack covers all four major parts of Android development:

1) Foundation components provide core system capabilities, Kotlin extensions and support for multidex and automated testing.

2) Architecture components have classes that help manage your UI component lifecycle, handle data persistence, and more.

3) Behavior Components help you design robust, testable, and maintainable apps.

4) UI components make it easy for you to make your app not only easy, but delightful to use.


This session covers all areas of Android development using Jetpack.

Time: 3:30 PM Sunday    Room: Town Square A 

The Speaker(s)

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Siamak Ashrafi

CTO , Zoewave

Ash - CTO @ ZoeWave building physiologically intelligent combining biotech, mobile and fashion.