Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Lightning Talks - Day One


About This Session

<p>A Lightning Talk is a short presentation given at a conference or similar forum. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers. Each short talk will have a 5 minute limit. In order to allow rapid changes between speakers, slides for all talks will be run from a single computer using OpenOffice, PowerPoint or web site based presentation software. See for more information about Lightning Talks.</p> <p><b>Note:</b> You can sign up to give a lightning talk by adding yourself to the wiki page associated with this session. Click on the <b>Wiki Here</b> link in the upper right corner of this session listing to get there. Password/Invite Key is "svcc" when editing wiki pages. Also, you can contact me directly at <b>van dot gtug at gmail dot com</b>.</p>

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The Speaker(s)

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Van Riper

Open Source Strategist , Google