Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Integrating Wikis and other Social Content into your Website


About This Session

Many websites want to add social functionality like wikis to their websites, but find it difficult to integrate and are afraid their users won't understand wiki-text. <b>Wetpaint Injected</b> solves both of these problems with its wiki in the Cloud service. With an API and a client library, you can add a WYSIWYG wiki into any web page. Click the Wetpaint Wiki button on this page, then the EasyEdit button to see it for yourself. Come to our session and learn how to add wikis and other free social publishing features to your site with drag-and-drop controls or just a few lines of code. We'll also brainstorm new and interesting ways to mash up social content on the web.

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The Speaker(s)

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Dave Nielsen

Developer Advocate , Intel

I head up ecosystem programs at Redis Labs. I'm also the co-founder of CloudCamp.