Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

GUI Testing Made Easy


About This Session

<p> Testing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) is essential to make applications safer and more robust. Any GUI, even one providing only the simplest capabilities, encloses some level of complexity. Any complexity in software needs to be tested, because code without tests is a potential source of bugs. A well-tested application has a greater chance of success. </p> <p> This session explores several recommendations and practices that can significantly simplify testing of new and existing Java™ technology-based Swing applications. </p> <p> It covers the following: <br/> • Creating testable GUIs <br/> • Applying test-driven development (TDD) to GUIs <br/> • Testing GUIs in legacy applications <br/> • Integrating GUI tests in a test suite (how, when, and when not to do it) <br/> • Programmatic tests versus test recorders (pros, cons, and use cases of each technique) </p>

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Alex Ruiz

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