Silicon Valley Code Camp : Nov 8th and 9th, 2008session

Facebook Application in Silverlight 2.0


About This Session

<p> <b>code now available!</b> http://my/personal/liam/blog/ </p> <p> Facebook is an international social networking web site with a user base of 100 Million plus. During this session I will walk you through how to create applications using the Facebook platform which can be targeted and spread virally amongst these users. This will be achieved by creating a Photo application which displays the photos a user has permission to view in a nice visual I will integrate the latest version of “Slide.Show” which is a photo viewing application implemented in Silverlight 2.0 and C# directly into this application. At the end I will show you how the newly created application can be targeted and utilized by the Facebook community. </p>

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The Speaker(s)

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Liam Molloy

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