Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 19 & 20, 2019

Tony Nguyen

International Technological University
About Tony
Tony Nguyen is a computer software professional with over 25 years of experiences. Currently he is a software architect at a privately-funded startup Orna.AI, after a 20-year career in software engineering at Cisco Systems. Tony is a faculty at ITU since 2014. Tony also teaches various Computer Information System courses at De Anza College and San Jose City College. Tony is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a Master degree in Computer Engineering in 1993. He also completed master-level certificates in Information Security and Project Management at the Villanova University. Tony was awarded the U.S. Patent 6546420B1 titled "Aggregating information about network message flows" for his innovative work with colleagues at Cisco Systems in 2003. Tony Nguyen research interests include: cloud system security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics
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Speaking Sessions

  • Artificial Intelligence: Potentials and Challenges

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: Fireside B

    This presentation will offer a comprehensive coverage of the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). What are the impacts, potentials and challenges of AI? AI is profoundly affecting every thing we do, how we think, how we behave. It will be a critical understanding and kill for every software professionals and computer science students.

    Elon Musk said recently "the difference between human intellect and AI is comparable to the difference between chimpanzees and humans". Is it really true? How can humans do better in comprehension of AI than chimpanzee's intellectual capacity?

    This presentation will also demonstrate some AI and machine learning hand-on applications using the Python language.